1) Q - What do I do if I am not sure which product to purchase, or I have a question about installation?
A - Simple, call Tim on 0748 517 935. Only too happy to advise.

2) Q - Where is the best place to site my shed?
A - Choose the site for your shed ensuring there are no underground services beneath. Check the site does not run out of level by more than 120mm, if it does, order the longer legs to suit your ground conditions. These can be found on the 'Products', page.

3) Q - How many people does it take to construct Speedbase?
A - Best fitted with two people, half the work with an assistant! Installation time approximately 1 hour.

4) Q - What tools are required?
A - Garden trowel, mallet, spirit level, protective gloves, post auger.

5) Q - How deep should the legs go into the ground?
A - The general rule of thumb is to ensure each leg is embedded in the concrete 60% of its length from beneath the collar.
Using a post auger ensure the holes are at least 350mm (14”) in depth for each leg.

6) Q - How do I choose the legs for my base if I am siting my base on sloping ground?
A - If installing a base on sloping ground make sure you use longer legs to accommodate the extra height and ensure a minimum of 60% of the leg is embedded in the concrete. Example - a 300mm leg should have no more than 120mm of leg exposed, and 180mm embedded in the concrete. If a base is installed 350mm or more above the ground we would recommend fitting an additional set/pair of legs to the frame.
The image below is a detail of a sloping site installation...

Sloping site solution

Please see different size legs in the products section.

7) Q - What about ground conditions?
A - Quite often if you are siting your shed on an allotment or where the land has been cultivated regularly, the topsoil can be deep ,so make sure you go deep enough to get to solid ground.

8) Q - How Deep Can I Go?
A - As deep as you like, but it is up to you to decide when you have reached the subsoil /solid ground, but a minimum of 350mm.The leg need not go to the bottom of the concrete, as long as it extends into the concrete 60% of the leg's length.

9) Q - Do I need any protective clothing?
A - Yes, when handling the galvanized components of the base, wear protective gloves.

10) Q - Fitting of cross members - In which direction should the bearers lie?
A - The shed bearers must run at 90° to the cross members of the shed base.
When the concrete has set, evenly space the cross members at no more than 400mm centres.

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