High Quality Engineered Steel Shed Bases

The smarter, faster, economical shed base installation.

shed bases made easy

Why use Speedbase?

1) Hot dipped galvanized with 25 year guarantee.*
2) Can be fitted very quickly, no specialist equipment needed.
3) Will preserve your shed base for longer. Superior ventilation.
4) Keeps plastic out of the environment.
5) Economic and permenant solution for commercial and domestic sheds, cabins, greenhouses etc.
6) Simple installation on rough or sloping ground.
7) The most robust, stable and flexible foundation system on the market
8) Easily transported. Saves work, effort, time and money.
9) Can be removed and relocated with ease.
10) No back-breaking work - mixing concrete, moving heavy slabs or aggregate.

Economic Solution for a domestic shed base foundation

SPEEDBASE™ is a unique, steel, ladder construction frame, which provides a secure, permanent base for your shed. The supporting legs are encased in a minimum of 125mm (5") diameter column of concrete, to a minimum depth 350mm to solid subsoil.

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